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Three Tips For A Coffee Table Refresh 

Coffee tables have a very prominent role and function in our home, after all it is right next to the cuddle-worthy couch. It’s often the focal point for hosting company or where we settle in for cocktails and a show in the evenings. If you are spending a lot of time around you coffee table it might be time for a visual refresh with three simple design tricks. 

When styling your coffee table the overall theme is to keep it simple, do not overcrowd or complicate your table. Envision yourself designing a simple work of art, creating a vignette to pair with your space, utilizing three simple elements to leave a lasting impression. 
To kick it off, dust off some of those old books. Grabbing books of varying sizes will set the base for a beautiful display. Stacking the books from large to small offers a simple but dimensional base and gives guests incite into your literature interests.

Next, utilize one to two standout pieces as a focal point of your coffee table display. The item doesn't have to be large or overwhelming. It can have an interesting shape, texture, or hue to spark conversation. If your books are large enough, place the standout piece on top of the book stack. This will draw viewers attention as the statement is front and center.

Finally, add a burst of fresh florals. Flowers bring life and energy to a room without overwhelming the space. Blooms also allow you to experiment with color combinations and transition throughout the
Pulling these three elements together can result in a beautiful color palate for the bold or clean monochrome design for the modernist. Either way, these three simple tricks will create a simple refresh and a lasting impression for your most coveted space. The simplistic and clean approach also lends itself to maintaining table functionality with out sacrificing design. Happy designing!
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