A selection of professional shots composing the collection

Chain sennet knot
Bare porcelain knots: manger knot, two-half hitches knot, & folded knot
Coffee table with the two-half hitches knot & the surgeon knot
porcelain installation
True Lovers Knot
Porcelain florals: where the spirit meets the bone
Ebony textured knots: farrimond friction hitch & the heavy line knot
Ebony textured chain knot
Black & white print: curiosity
Porcelain Installation - detail
Porcelain Installation
Knot Series IV: Silky Seas
Bare porcelain chain knot
Ebony textured knots; farrimond friction hitch & the heavy line knot
Surgeon knot & two-half hitches knot
Bare porcelain knots
Black & white print: curiosity
Spiked double dragon loop knot
ebony textured knot
Porcelain Installation - detail
Bare porcelain knots
Knot series III: Calling Lights
Coffee table with porcelain knots